Y-Type Strainers

Strainers are routinely fitted in steam, condensate, water, gas, and oil pipe systems. They are there to prevent any deposits or solids from damaging other plant items such as valves, heat exchangers, pumps, and instruments. Even when new pipe systems are installed debris from welding, pipe sealing materials and rust can pass through the pipes. There are many types of strainers and the type that are commonly fitted in steam and condensate systems are known as Y-type strainers.

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    What are Y-Type Strainers?

    A Y-Type strainer is a simple mechanical filter, that is used to remove debris and solids from a pipeline. A mesh or filter screen is fitted at an angle to the direction of flow forcing the fluid to pass through the inside and out through the screen wall. They can be made of a wide range of materials such as brass, stainless steel, iron, and steel to suit the system they are fitted to. They can have weld end, flange or screwed connections and range in size and pressure ratings to suit the systems they are fitted in.

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    Y-Type Strainers Explained

    Where are Y-Type Strainers Installed?

    Y type strainers can be used in a variety of applications on steam, water, oil, and gas pipe systems. They are typically installed upstream of pumps, pressure reducing valves, control valves, steam traps and fine filters. On steam systems they should be installed on their side, so that they are self-draining to prevent any risk of water hammer.


    • The end cap on a Y type strainer can easily be removed, making it easier to clean the filter screen
    • Models can be installed with blowdown cocks on the end cap to enable a degree of self-cleaning without the need to remove them
    • They offer more overall flexibility than some strainer shapes, as it can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position based on the customers’ requirements
    • Wide selection of materials for fabrication of the body
    • Broad range of pressure classes available

    Common Materials of Construction

    Y-Type strainers are available in a variety of materials to suit your specific application. Common materials include steel, cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, and plastic.

    The strainer elements are normally made of a stainless steel and can be either a cylindrical mesh or a perforated screen. The finer the mesh the higher the level of protection. Liquid systems often have meshes and screens with larger holes, particularly upstream of pumps so that they do not block prematurely.

    Where fitted on steam and other gas systems or upstream of control valves finer mesh elements are used to prevent damage to control valve seats.

    Maintenance of Y Type Strainers

    Typically, the element is taken off, by removing the cap at the side and replaced but these can be cleaned if time permits. The body remaining in the line. A new cap gasket is normally required.

    Sizing and Selection

    Fluid Type

    Is it a gas or liquid?

    Body Material

    This normally matches the fluid and pipe material


    What is the maximum allowable pressure of the system?

    Pipe Size

    What is the nominal bore of the pipe?


    What is the maximum temperature of the fluid? This may limit the type of seal or gasket material


    How often do you think they will need to be cleaned? How will they be accessed to maintain them?


    These can be a flanged or screwed. The type of connections will vary, depending on the industry. The oil and petrochemical industry will often use ANSI or NPT connections

    Basket Strainers

    T Pattern Basket Strainers are common on water systems and are often used where there is likely to be a higher volume of debris. These are typically accessed from the top and may be used where access is limited. They are less common on steam systems, as there can be a risk of water hammer.

    Valveforce Y-Type and Basket Strainers

    Valveforce supply and stock a wide range of strainers and should you need any assistance in selecting the right Y type strainer for your application, please contact us on 0121 711 1908 or email info@valveforce.co.uk.

    Our experts will be happy to help you select the right strainer for your needs.

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