Condensate Recovery Pump for Leading Bakery

Valveforce provided Condensate Recovery Pump Solutions for a leading Great British bakery that exceeds strict law criteria.

Condensate recovery pup solutions for leading bakery Valveforce were tasked by a leading Great British Baker with the challenge of improving the condensate return system to reduce the losses to the mains drain, saving the company money and efficiency.

The bakery’s issue was that for every complete kilogram of steam condense, a kilogram of condensate at the same pressure and temperature is formed. Failure to reclaim and reuse this condensate was both costly and uneconomical to the bakery.

Valveforce’s solution was to install a state-of-the-art condensate pump set with a fully diamonised structure and hygienic panel. In doing so, this bespoke pump set was able to exceed the strict criteria and give the bakery payback on the investment in under 9 months.

“Valveforce’s condensate recovery pump solution not only saved the bakery money, but improved manufacturing efficiency and leading to a payback time of under 9 months!”

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