New Boiler Feedwater Tank for Large International Meat Processing Factory

Steam and energy centre specialist Valveforce were asked to a large international meat processing factory to assess the feasibility of replacing the old and tired Boiler Feedwater Tank.

What was the problem?

The existing system was old, cracked and repaired, and a potential risk to the company’s productivity. Like lots of industrial process plants, the current system has been built around and therefore access was a real obstacle.

How Valveforce helped

After several design meetings and site surveys Valveforce designed and planned out a detailed project plan. The plan was to have the new feed tank built off site, lifted, rolled and jacked up into place, while the old tank was being removed. This was all to be carried out in a 24-hour window, which we were given by the production team.

Our skilled and hard-working team, worked tirelessly on-site, they:

  • carefully manoeuvred and positioned the new boiler feedwater tank system
  • installed an atmospheric deaerator dome
  • upgraded the steam injection and water level controls
  • carried out significant pipework modifications.

The systems were then commissioned and set to work.

Client Feedback

After the project was completed, we had the following positive feedback for the client stating:
“The project’s been very well received, so well done and thanks to your team Marc”.

Boiler Feedwater Tanks

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Boiler Feedwater
Boiler -Feedwater Tank

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