Flow Control and Steam Expertise for Millers

Providing flow control and steam expertise to one of the UK’s leading supplier of grain products.

Valveforce was approached for their flow control solutions and steam expertise to design and install a new steam and condensate system for a leading manufacturer of grain-based products.

Millers of oats, wheat and barley, as well as manufacturers of cooking and toasting wheat flakes called upon Valveforce to provide a full turnkey steam system for the company’s new production facility.

The production floor had recently doubled in size, and so required the installation of the correct steam distribution, proper vessel temperature control, as well as mains drainage and vessel steam trapping.

The Valveforce installation featured a pressure-reducing valve station, with electro-pneumatic temperature control of the process vessels. This combined with carefully specified products have achieved a first-class solution, and an exceptionally happy client.

In addition, Valveforce were able to successfully remove any future concerns regarding possible water logging of the steam jackets. This was done by adding a condensate recovery pump into the installed system.

 The new steam control has become a key component of the state-of-the-art manufacturing process at the grain company.


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