Broen Ballomax Valves

BROEN is a world leader because it provides high-quality products and solutions. Products such as BROEN Ballomax Valves, are used in facilities where function and operation are of utmost importance.


BROEN operate primarily in the areas of HVAC, District Energy, Building Controls and Oil & Gas. For over 30 years BROEN have pioneered in district energy by constantly refining valve technology. Therefore psitioning themselves as trusted and preferred suppliers for reliable, high quality, long lasting and efficient energy solutions .

District Heating and Cooling Systems

District heating and cooling systems are an important source of energy. It is an environmentally gentle solution that does not scar the countryside and provides a healthy and comfortable result for the end-user. The enormous power rushing through a district heating and cooling system puts great pressure on the components. They manufacture under the highest quality standards of the market in modern production facilities. Valveforce finds that by partnering with BROEN they have the expertise to create safe, intelligent and lasting solutions that meet regulatory requirements.

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How can Valveforce help?

Our extensive knowledge of the complete system extends from the Energy Centre, underground pipework including the main pipe isolation to the service pipe work and throughout utility plant-rooms. As these schemes are an invaluable source of energy there are increasing requirements in these markets.

The enormous power rushing through a district heating and cooling system, puts great pressure on the components. Valveforce work in partnership with the big names in Europe for district heating to provide new and more efficient solutions, specification and technical selection.

We are specialists in this area with vast experience and a broad product range to really benefit you. Please call us on 0121 711 1908 or email to discuss any valve related projects.

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