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Valveforce offer a  cost effective and complete range of isolating stop valves, which are suitable for most applications, such as steam, air, thermal oil and other neutral non aggressive media up to 350°C.

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    What is a Stop Valve?

    A stop valve can be manually opened or closed to prevent or regulate flow of a liquid in a pipe. So, any type of valve that can completely stop the flow of liquid through a pipe is a stop valve.

    Valveforce Products

    Gland Packed Stop Valves

    • Graphite packed for a cost effective stop valve solution
    • Full range of sizes and body materials for isolating valves available
    • Stainless steel internals for a robust service and reliable shut off


    Products Stop Valve

    Bellows Sealed Stop Valves

    • Bellows sealed for environmentally friendly zero leakage
    • Energy saving stem seal so losses are eliminated
    • Safer to work around these isolating valves as no dangerous leaks
    Products Stop Valve

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