SFG20 Planned Maintenance for Facilities Company

Valveforce undertook valve maintenance to comply with SFG20 planned maintenance

Valveforce have recently completed an extensive Valve Management Programme for a UK renowned international engineering facilities services company. Valveforce were the natural choice when appointing a maintenance contractor as our technical maintenance team tailor the programme of works to suit each different plant’s requirements and have the ability to work to stringent conditions.

Valveforce were appointed to undertake a preventative maintenance programme of works on the:

  • Condensate Water System
  • CHW Water Service
  • Gas Valves
  • Mains CWS
  • LTHW and HTHW systems.

This project consisted of over 500 different assets some of which needing quarterly or biannual servicing.  Key to this project was the prerequisite to act in accordance with SFG20.

SFG20 is the definitive standard for planned maintenance. This is recognised as the industry standard and is an essential tool for planned maintenance.

A large variety of products were included to be managed and maintained including temperature control valves, isolating globe valves, strainers, ball valves and mains gas solenoid valves.

It was the variety of skills within the Valveforce team that made a real difference as all assets required assessing, stripping down, overhaul and testing. There was a requirement for a Gas Safe technical engineer to carry out the valve maintenance on the mains gas distribution, as well as an electrical control engineer and various skilled mechanical valve engineers.

This was all project managed by Valveforce with regular client meetings and detailed monthly reports. Working together with our client, we ensured that the maintenance was delivered within the required programme and within the budgets forecasted.

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