Our Expertise

At Valveforce, we are valve suppliers, but our team of specialists are skilled in many areas. Our expertise is listed below:

Valve suppliers: delivering projects on time & budget

Our expertise as valve suppliers and product range will get you the best fitting product and an unbiased offering ensuring you get the correct technical solution at the right price.

You can work with our experts who will help overcome any steam and process related problem you may have.

Energy centre design, equipment supply and commissioning

The experience we have can bring real value to your Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Cogen and Trigen plant projects. Our product range in this area would be boiler control equipment such as level, TDS and blowdown systems, pressurised de-aerator plant, severe service control valves, turbine bypass valves and de-superheating stations, combustion efficiency and monitoring, heat recovery, flue gas recovery and water treatment.

Steam plant layout and design

We can be of real benefit to you in the steam and condensate loop. We are steam systems designers who are called upon to design, specify and supply full equipment packages. We are relied on to give unbiased support and advice to ensure you get the right product for the right application.

Heat transfer packages and controls solutions

At Valveforce, we offer you and your project the latest in heat transfer technologies to deliver the lowest whole life cycle costs. This can include reduced maintenance, lower energy and capital costs, off site fabrication for reduced labour content and the latest in product design. We offer plate and frame, shell and tube and plate and shell heat exchangers all supplied loose or as part of a plug and play system solution complete with a full controls package.

Control and process valve packages

As valve suppliers we are able to offer the best Europe has in terms of control valves, instrumentation and control systems. This covers 2 and 3 way control valves with a rotary or linear design with instrumentation to suit your site standards. These valve packages include solutions for pressure, temperature, de-superheating, level, boiler feed and over temperature protection. In addition we have a full range of isolation products for all pressures, temperatures and media.

System assessment, survey and design

The team can walk the plant with you and asses your current situation. Then draw upon a wealth of experience and expertise to offer the best advice and recommendations on how to improve your process efficiency and productivity.

We can look at ways to:

  • Reduce energy consumption and recover valuable heat that can be lost from your process
  • Ensure steam plant and steam traps are surveyed and working as efficiently as possible

Training, commissioning and project management

Our project team will develop personalised solutions in line with your specific requirements. To ensure your project runs smoothly from design and build right through to the installation and commissioning phase. We use our knowledge and understanding to deliver training courses for our customers which cover subjects such as:

  • Introduction to steam and condensate systems
  • Steam system design, sizing and selection
  • Control and safety valve design, sizing and selection
  • Heat transfer principles, applications and controls
  • Tailor-made training to suit you specific needs

To discuss your product or service requirements, please contact us on 0121 711 1908. Our team of specialists are here to help you.

Valveforce are part of The Force Group of Companies, which also includes Controlsforce, Heatxforce and Pumpforce.

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