Pneumatic Control Valves for Fabric Manufacturer

Pneumatic Control Valves from Valveforce are helping enhance production at leading fabric manufacturer.

Pneumatic Control Valve for Fabric ManufacturerA leading manufacturer of technical fabrics, contracted Valveforce to supply an upgraded multi-zone pressure control system that allowed a more accurate pressure control in each roller, improving product quality and consistency.

The newly installed pressure control system helped to provide cost-effective control for the client, who then sought Valveforce’s expertise further by requiring their recommendation on the product and subsequent installation of pressure transmitters.

Valveforce’s two-way pneumatic valves, which are designed to handle a wide range of fluids, such as water, thermal oil, steam, nitrogen and natural gases, benefit from optimised modular construction for ease of repair and further application requirements.

The Client took advantage of Valveforce’s range of mixing and diversion valves that are used in hot water and thermal oil systems to maintain constant fluid temperature. These are supplied in finely engineered three-port junctions and plugs, generating excellent control.

The new installation, fully commissioned by Valveforce, has helped provide cost-effective control to processes that are essential to the clients manufacture process.

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