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    Non Return Valves

    We are in a position to be able to offer a vast comprehensive range of non return valves. These valves are installed in pipeline systems to allow flow in one direction only. The flow is allowed to go in one direction which is then "checked" if the flow direction is reversed.

    Valveforce Products

    Tilting Disc Check Valves

    • Rapid response with the oblique seat design which reduces closing travel
    • Low pressure drop and low opening pressure
    • Minimal flow interference through the valve
    • Check valve with excellent tightness and superior surface finish
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    Spring And Disc Check Valves

    • The most cost effective solution for small to medium pipes
    • Design advantages include: Rapid opening and closing characteristics with spring allowing for a minimum opening pressure to be set
    • Ideal on boiler feed lines where they can protect the boiler and feed water tank from flooding by use of a heavy duty spring
    • High pressure model PN64-100 available
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    Spring And Disc Check Valves

    • Split disc design overcomes all size and pressure drop limitations
    • Eccentric disc reduces pressure drop characteristics further for maximum performance
    • Double check valves suitable for very low pressure drops
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    Swing Check Valves

    • Useful alternative to spring and disc valves with less limitations on size
    • Simple and cost effective in construction for specific applications
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