Steam Boiler Upgrade For Leading Flooring Company

Steam Boiler Upgrade allows Boilerhouse to operate unmanned and complies with current legislation.

Valveforce upgraded two steam boilers for a leading flooring company in the West Midlands

Valveforce were contacted to do two steam boiler upgrades. On each boiler, Valveforce installed boiler level controls and a boiler control panel, with a remote shut down panel installed in the production office.

What was the problem?

The existing two boiler were non-compliant with HSE BG01 regulations. The existing level control systems were old and obsolete and in addition the site didn’t hold any spares. Therefore, if a breakdown occurred the plant would be without steam and production would stop, resulting in costly lost production.

How Valveforce helped

Valveforce carried out a risk assessment of the Boilerhouse. We identified that the installed boiler controls were non-compliant with current legislation. We offered the right technical solution to bring the boilers up to date. This resulted in Valveforce being awarded the contract to design, build, install and commission a boiler level control system compliant with legislation.

After Upgrade
After Upgrade 2
After Upgrade 3
After Upgrade 4

Benefits of a Steam Boiler Upgrade
The Boilerhouse now complies with current legislation and is able to operate unmanned, with the back-up of a remote shutdown panel in case of emergency. The site now has spares in stock in case of breakdown, which will prevent costly lost production in the event of boiler failure.

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