Boiler Blowdown Systems

At  Valveforce we understand the importance of maintaining efficient and reliable steam systems, which is why we offer our comprehensive boiler blowdown systems maintenance survey.

With years of experience and industry knowledge, our skilled team of professionals is committed to ensuring that your boiler blowdown system is operating at its peak performance. By conducting thorough surveys and providing tailored solutions, we aim to optimize your steam system's efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

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    Boiler House Surveys

    By law, steam boilers in the UK need to be regularly maintained to help ensure safe and efficient operation.

    An important part of the maintenance routine is regular blowdown of the boiler water which helps maintain the water quality in the boiler and the system overall, of which there are three main types: bottom blowdown, TDS blowdown and level gauge blowdown.

    Valveforce offers peace of mind by ensuring that your steam boiler plant is compliant with all regulatory standards, including the CEA’s BG03 and necessary HSE guidelines, and ensures that your bottom blowdown works efficiently and effectively.

    You can also rely on our team of steam solutions experts to offer advice and undertake complete boiler house and boiler surveys.

    In the boiler house we:

    • investigate boiler feed water conditioning
    • to supply boiler feedwater tank and deaerator plant equipment and accessories
    • provide water treatment equipment, including water softening and reverse osmosis (RO) plant

    For the steam boiler we:

    • review boiler control equipment for level control
    • check boiler blowdown
    • test boiler heat recovery equipment

    From the boiler house surveys, Valveforce produce detailed reports to ensure that your boiler blowdown valve and boiler house are up to date and in keeping with the latest standards and legislation.

    If you would like further information and advice, please contact Valveforce on 0121 711 1908 and ask for the boilerhouse specialist team.

    Boiler Blowdown Systems Services

    Bottom Blowdown

    • Carried out by the bottom blowdown valve on the bottom blowdown line
    • Required to remove sludge and sediment deposits at the bottom of the boiler
    • Sludge build-up can cause potentially dangerous damage to boiler tubes
    • 3-5 second purge of the bottom of the boiler
    • Required daily or per shift
    • Automated or manual depending on site preferences.

    Level Gauge Blowdown

    • Level gauges on the side of the boiler are drained regularly to avoid dirt build up
    • Scale and dirt build up impairs proper reading of gauge glasses resulting in potentially dangerous misreading of the boiler level
    • Carried out manually by drain cocks at the bottom of the gauges
    • Required to be carried out regularly by law on boiler arrangements

    TDS Blowdown

    • Continuously blowdown via an electric TDS valve
    • Required to keep Total Dissolved Solids in the boiler water to within prescribed levels (approx. 2000 ppm for small industrial shell boilers and 3500 ppm for larger boilers)
    • Excess TDS levels leads to carry over and poor water level quality
    • View our page on Boiler TDS Systems here

    The Blowdown Vessel

    • As these types of blowdown are at boiler temperature and sending these blowdowns straight to drain is a Legionella risk, a blowdown vessel is required to receive the blowdowns. This allows the hot discharged water to cool before being sent to drain.

      Valveforce follow the CEA’s latest guidance on Boiler Maintenance (BG01 – Guidance on Safe Operation of Steam Boilers) and Blowdown Systems (BG03 - Blowdown Systems Guidance for Industrial Steam Boilers) when advising customers on blowdown design and new equipment.

    Valveforce Product Variations

    Steam Boiler Blowdown Turnkey Solutions:

    • site surveys
    • bespoke boiler blowdown system design and construction
    • installation
    • commissioning
    • servicing/maintenance contracts

    Complete TDS System Including:

    • Electric TDS Control valve with
    • TDS Controller - panel mounted
    • TDS Probe
    • Spool piece
    • Valves
    • Sample cooler

    Automated Blowdown Valves:

    • Big brands including Gestra and Spirax
    • Alternatively, our long-pattern pneumatic ball valves designed for blowdown applications are a cost-effective solution to the more traditional globe valve design and will replace existing valves

    TDS Control Panels:

    • With modulating controller for the TDS system
    • With Blowdown timer for bottom blowdown
    • Within Valveforce designed control panels
    • Or incorporated within the existing boiler panel

    Bottom Blowdown Vessels & Accessories

    • New and replacement blowdown vessels conforming to BG03
    • Water cooling sets
    • Air vents

    Level Gauge Repairs and Spares

    • Wide range of spares
    • Repair solutions
    • Expert advice

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