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In the time of reduced budgets Valveforce are here to help Energy Managers maximise your process efficiency. Steam systems face tough challenges from increasingly stringent health and safety legislation, increasing fuel costs and a decline in specialist skills.

At Valveforce, we have the experience and expertise to address these issues through its Independent Steam Systems and Energy Audit. Valveforce’s Independent Audits are impartial and specific to you. We understand your requirements and processes and offer a scope of works suitable to your financial requirements. The extend of our audit can range from a brief energy audit within the boiler house through to a complete appraisal of your whole steam system and condensate loop all fully drawn up, inventoried and documented. Each Audit is designed for you following a consultation with Valveforce’s experience engineers. Following the on-site work a detailed and comprehensive report is produced and sent back to you.

Through our Energy Audits we will identifying any energy losses or where your plant is not working to optimum efficiency. We will detail the potential savings in CO2 emissions and where to improve efficiency within your facility to achieve your targets. Typical areas for energy savings within the boiler house are deaerator plant, heat recovery, economisers, pump VSD (variable speed drives) and flash recovery.

We can discuss areas where technology and new equipment can improve batch times and keep your plant running even more efficiently. If required we can produce a full photographic library of your process plant with the ability to have access to datasheets and Operations and Maintenance instructions where you hover a mouse over them. In additional we can identify any health and safety issues or risks to your site operatives or the public.

Please see our Engineered Services Section for more information. If you have any questions please call us on 0121 711 1908.

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