Steam and Condensate Systems for Hospitals

Steam knowledge, skills and expertise for your hospital

As an independent specialist in steam, condensate and hot water systems, many NHS hospitals like yours are taking increasing advantage of the expert advice we provide.

Save Energy, Save Money

With focus on steam such a critical yet overlooked utility in hospitals, issues with these systems will regularly exist. Simple problems, if left unidentified, have a detrimental effect on performance, energy efficiency and cost. With steam distribution systems being difficult to manage and a distinct lack of specialists available to carry out the work, this is often the case.

To maximise the efficiency of your steam systems Valveforce will:

  • Assess the current situation of your plant
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Recommend energy savings solutions
  • Comprehensive steam traps surveys
  • Provide technical advice
  • Carry out energy audits
  • Offer turnkey installations
  • Provide the most effective products
  • Carry out ongoing commissioning
  • Provide engineering support

High Temp Safety Survey 300x200 1

The Diagram

Our product range in this area is boiler control equipment such as level, TDS and blowdown systems, pressurised de-aerator plant, severe service control valves, turbine bypass valves and de-superheating stations, combustion efficiency and monitoring, heat recovery, flue gas recovery and water treatment.

Maximise your Condensate Recovery

The heat and energy contained within your condensate is valuable. To ensure that the maximum amount of this valuable commodity is returned to your feedtank Valveforce are here to help. In addition to the supply of steam traps and condensate recovery sets, we also offer steam trap surveys to highlight energy savings and then carry out any remedial work necessary.

Increase the Accuracy of your Heat Exchangers and Temperature Controls

Just as with steam systems, hot water and how it is controlled is a vital utility in any hospital. Without regular testing and ongoing maintenance on high limit over temperature shut off devices, you could be putting your employees and visitors at risk of potential hazards. For this reason, an increasing number of hospital engineers are finding our specialist knowledge, hot water services and range of products invaluable.

Valveforce Expertise:

  • Control loops around LTHW shell
  • Tube heat exchangers
  • DHW storage calorifiers
  • Electric temperature control valves with BMS integration
  • Full range of packaged Heatforce plate heat exchanger skids
  • Acid clean, de-scale of PHE’s, and Over Temperature survey

For us it is all about improving efficiency, increasing safety and saving water costs for you.

Precise Autoclave Controls

For the efficiency and accuracy of your system Valveforce also provides:

  • Pilot operated pressure reducing control valves, for large autoclave sterilisers and CSSD (Central Sterilisation
  • Service Department)
  • Safety relief valves
  • Piston actuated ON/OFF valves
  • Efficient steam traps sets

Compliance in the Boiler house

To ensure that you are working in compliance with HSE guideline BGO1, and your bottom blowdown is handled in the correct manner, we offer a complete boiler house and boiler surveys.

In the boiler house we:

  • Investigate feedwater conditioning
  • Supply boiler feedtanks and Deaerator plant
  • Provide water treatment equipment, such as softening or RO plant

With the boiler we:

  • Review boiler control equipment for level control
  • Check boiler blowdown
  • Test boiler heat recovery equipment

And it’s not just steam!

We also supply the valves that go into DHW, LTHW, MTHW and HTHW systems such as 3 way mixing valves isolating valves and butterfly valves.

Here is what a few of our NHS clients are saying

“Valveforce are a pleasure to deal with, they understood my technical problem and gave a solution under my budget” Estates Manager

 “…the site visit from Valveforce highlighted areas that saved me and my team hours each week. Great service” Maintenance Manager “…the professionalism of the Valveforce team was a breath of fresh air and I’m delighted with the improvements and recommendations they made” Energy Manager

We are committed to providing the NHS with the most comprehensive range of products and supporting services specifically focused to the Hospital industry, backed up by outstanding technical service, a problem-solving approach and overall a higher level of partner performance.

Valveforce Engineered Services

Audit Work

  • Independent Steam Systems Audits
  • Heat and Energy Loss Insulation Audits
  • Boiler BG01 and Water Treatment Audits

Service Agreements

  • Boiler House Service Agreements
  • Heat Exchanger Service Agreements
  • Flow Metering Service Agreements
  • Control Loop Service Agreements
  • Plate Heat Exchanger Service Agreements

Survey and Testing Work

  • Comprehensive Steam Trap Surveys
  • High Temperature Protection Surveys
  • Safety Valves In Situ and Off Site Testing
  • Valve Repair and Testing
  • Swap Out and Full Installation Site Works

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