SFG20 Building Maintenance Standard

SFG20 – the definitive standard for building maintenance

With ever-changing regulations, keeping up with the evolving industry requirements can prove onerous, leading to the delivery of maintenance to a variety of standards across the industry.

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    SFG20 Specialists

    The costs of poor maintenance

    Unfortunately, there are too many cases where organisations have failed to maintain assets to the required standard. In some instances, this has had more than just a financial impact, it has affected the health of individuals and in some cases tragically resulted in the deaths of members of the public.

    The SFG20 standard is there to offer a definitive standard for building maintenance.

    Within SFG20 there is a specific area around how various valves and pipeline ancillaries are required to be looked after, cycled and maintained. The issue here is that very often there are a variety of specific skill sets that are required which the owner operator simply may not have as an overhead.

    The specialist skills we have at Valveforce provides the variety of trades that are required, gas engineers, pipe fitters, coded welding, electrical and C&I and the detailed skills of valve technicians combined with the flexibility, support and project management that is often needed.

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    Valveforce Products/Services

    How can Valveforce support a customer needing to comply with SFG20?

    SFG20 covers a vast list of maintenance task schedules, with over 900 individual schedules including specialist services. At Valveforce, we are able to support you with the following core schedules for Valves and Valves Automatic Control:


    • 61-01: Valves - In General
    • 61-02: Tap and Stop Cock Fittings
    • 61-04: Combination Tap Assemblies, Mixing Valves/Taps
    • 61-05: Shower Valves
    • 61-06: Steam Boiler Water Level Control Valves (Mobrey)

    Valves - Automatic Control

    • 62-01: Pre-Maintenance Procedures - Valves - Automatic Control
    • 62-02: Rotary Valves - Shoe or Slipper
    • 62-03: Butterfly and Ball Valves
    • 62-04: Self Acting and Thermal Valves
    • 62-05: Solenoid and Motor Operated Valves
    • 62-06: Pressure Control Valves
    • 62-07: Seat Valves
    • 62-08: Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Valves
    • 62-09: Automatic (Sensor) Taps

    To find out how Valveforce completed an extensive Valve Maintenance programme to comply with SFG20 click here.

    If you would like to know more about SFG20 or Specialist Services, please call Valveforce on 0121 711 1908 to see how we can support your planned maintenance.

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