Valve Supplier in the Energy and Waste Sector

Valveforce is a steam, condensate and flow control specialist, as well as a valve supplier. We have the technical capability to understand and support the Energy and Waste Sector.

Our specialist knowledge enables you to have the peace of mind that your plant will be as efficient and cost effective as possible from conception to maintenance.

Specialist Support and Consultation

Having secured the contract from Birmingham Bio-Power Ltd to design, build and maintain a new 10.3MW biomass gasification facility in Tyseley, Birmingham, MWH Global began site preparation, with completion scheduled for early 2016. Needing expert advice to ensure technically correct and accurate valves, MWH chose Valveforce as its key supplier for the project.

As a steam, condensate and flow control valve specialist, Valveforce provided MWH with valuable valve knowledge and expertise to successfully guide them through each stage of the contract.

MWH Global

Responsible for the design development of the scheme, MWH Global with Birmingham Bio-Power Ltd delivered the project under an Engineer, Procure, Construct contract, to ensure that the project adhered to the funding requirements.

MWH Global were responsible for the construction and commissioning, before taking on an operational role to run the plant under a five-year Operations and Maintenance contract.

Powered by Innovation (and wood waste)

Costing £47.8 million and the first of its kind in the UK, the plant will be supplied with approximately 67,000 tonnes of wood waste secured under a long-term sustainable contract with a local supplier. It is forecast to generate enough renewable energy to power more than 17,000 homes a year, creating 100 construction and 19 full time jobs in the process.

Valveforce is proud to be a key supplier to a project delivering big environmental benefits and offering job security for so many.

“Valveforce was the best, independent advisor. They have plenty of engineering bid work experience and supported us right from the feasibility stages through to contract award. We thank them for the support they have given us over the last few years. They showed how aligning ourselves with a specialty valve supplier really can give us the edge and assist in delivering a well-executed, technically correct project.”

Valveforce’s Scope of Supply

  • Two critical mains steam actuated isolation valves; Well specified high quality, European manufactured, DN 200 PN 160 flexible wedge gate valves made from drop forged alloy steel with butt weld ends and a bypass arrangement.
  • High pressure valves; To be assembled and tested with electric actuators where we specified; AUMA SAR actuators on the main valves and the integral actuated bypass valves.
  • Cast steel wedge gate valves and globe valves; Up to PN 160 with flanged and butt weld end connection and supplied in sizes DN 50-DN 200, all valves are built to European standards, using only European components and castings.
  • Wafer pattern non-return valves; High quality 304 L bodied valves, supplied in various sizes from DN 15 to DN 200, with a spring-loaded disc are to be installed throughout the plant to prevent back flow.
  • Forged steel gate and globe valves; Hundreds of class 800# reduced and full-bore valves, with various trims and body materials (A105 and LF2) to meet the specification.
  • Stainless steel ball valves; A large number of high-quality stainless-steel ball valves for use throughout the de-mineralised water system.

Project Management and Control Execution

Valveforce’s detailed project management ensured that the critical path was maintained, that tight delivery requirements were adhered to, that each valve was individually tagged and project documentation and drawings were compiled as required.

Project review meetings and detailed status reports were an integral part of the effective management of this project.

Valveforce delivers support and consultation as a steam, condensate and flow control specialist.

Valveforce’s Expertise:

  • Detailed Design and Consultation
  • Independent Specialist Valve Advice
  • Piping and Fluid Dynamics
  • Steam and Condensate Expertise
  • Project Management and Documentation
  • Controls and Instrumentation Support

Valveforce Project Services

Audit and Design Work

  • Independent Steam Systems Audits
  • Heat and Energy Loss Insulation Audits
  • Boiler BG01 and Water Treatment Audits
  • Detailed Consultancy and Design Specification

Service Agreements

  • Boiler House Service Agreements
  • Heat Exchanger Service Agreements
  • Flow Metering Service Agreements
  • Control Loop Service Agreements
  • Plate Heat Exchanger Service Agreements

Survey and Testing Work

  • Comprehensive Steam Trap Surveys
  • High Temperature Protection Surveys
  • Safety Valves In Situ and Off Site Testing
  • Valve Repair and Testing
  • Swap Out and Full Installation Site Works

If you want a cost effective quote for a project you’re working on please call on 0121 711 1908.

Valveforce are part of The Force Group of Companies, which also includes ControlsforceHeatxforce and Pumpforce.

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