High Pressure Control Valves

Control of steam and water with high pressure control valves in power generation is critical to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the energy centre.

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    Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves

    Valveforce design and supply severe service control valves, such as pressure reducing valves, which are used for steam and water applications such as steam let down stations, de-superheater control valves, feed water control valves, boiler pressure valves, turbine by pass and condenser dump valves.

    All pressure control valves switch at a fixed pressure setting, which is usually a variable setting on the valve itself. Pressure control valves are hydraulic valves, which can change position either steadily by control or quickly by switch.

    Pressure Control Valves Explained

    The most common types are the pressure relief valve and the pressure reducing valve:

    • Pressure relief valves are sometimes known as safety release valves. They prevent a buildup of pressure by relieving part or all of the flow to tank. The valve opens to release pressure when levels get too high and close when the pressure is within a safe range. The main purpose of it is a safety device, to protect life and property
    • Pressure reducing valves control high pressure. These valves take a high pressure at the inlet and the valve reduces it to a lower pressure at the outlet as required.

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    Two Way High Pressure Control Valves

    • Special design to handle a wide range of fluids such as water, thermal oil, steam, nitrogen & natural gases
    • Optimised modular construction for repair and application requirements
    • Large range of actuation forces available to meet most services
    Product Control Valve

    Mixing & Diverting High Pressure Control Valve

    • For use in hot water & thermal oil systems to maintain constant fluid temperature supply
    • Excellent control guaranteed by finely engineered three port junction & plug
    Control Valve

    Pneumatic Control Valves For High Pressure Applications

    • Resilient construction for severe service applications
    • Maximum pressures of 80 bar with permissible pressure drops of up to 30 bar
    • Applications include turbine bypass, let down & de-superheating stations
    • Integral pilot valve counteracts excessive back pressure
    • Double & triple cage options allow for maximum protection against cavitation
    Product Control Valve

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