Renewable Energy and Energy Management

At Valveforce, we are committed to help combat climate change and help the UK reach the 2050 energy target set in the 2008 Climate Change Act.

In order for the UK to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from the 1990 baseline, we must boost renewable energy generation wherever possible and reduce our energy demands.

“Valveforce design and supply energy and severe service control valves which are used for steam and water applications such as steam let down stations, de-superheater control valves, feed water control valves, turbine bypass and condenser dump valves.”

How Can Valveforce Help?

We offer the technical capability to understand and support energy contractors working on renewable energy and energy generation projects. In particular, we deal with anaerobic digestion plants, bio-fuel production, biomass heating systems, energy from waste systems, new energy centres, CHP units, and district heating systems.

Aside from working on new projects, we can assess your industrial process and identify where we can reduce your energy demands through our specialist knowledge in steam and condensate loop systems and fluid control.

“Energy efficiency and carbon reduction methodologies can promote market position. Make sure you are not left behind!”

Renewable Energy

Decarbonise Your Process

Valveforce offers steam surveys and energy audits to identify where you are wasting energy. We are also able to identify and improve inefficient processes and save your business money.

Reducing your energy usage will decrease your overheads, increase your profitability, help you meet your energy reduction targets, reduce your sensitivity to fluctuating energy prices and future policy changes, provide a positive marketing tool and most importantly, reduce your carbon footprint and help fight against anthropogenic climate change.

Energy Management and System Monitoring

The old adage is true, you can’t manage what you do not measure. That is why it is important for energy managers to quantify their processes. At Valveforce, we can help you to find the measuring and monitoring systems which work for you, to enable your team to get the data it needs to make informed decisions.

  • Pressure Transducers / Gauges / Transmitters
  • Temperature Sensors and Process Controls
  • Flow Monitoring Equipment
  • Flow Valve Pressure Control Loop
  • Process Isolation and Trapping

Since monitoring enables you to detect changes, you can identify and instigate more efficient servicing and maintenance schedules.

Our steam and valve engineers work alongside your specialist contractors at every stage of your design and build project. Working as an integral part of your project team, they assist in the design, specification and delivery of your valves to provide you with application specific advice, up-to-date information and everything you need for a successful project.

And it does not stop there! Our team of service and commissioning engineers are on hand to set up and commission your actuated valves, should you need them.

Detailed Project Management

We can guarantee that your project will be closely managed to ensure that the critical path is maintained, that all delivery requirements are adhered to, that the right valve is specified, and that you are well informed at every stage.

  • Each valve individually tagged
  • Project documentation and drawings compiled
  • Project review participation
  • Detailed delivery status reports provided
  • Expert valve specification advice (pressure, temperature, pressure drop, flow coefficients and detailed flow calculations)

Critical Actuated Valves

For areas such as steam mains isolation, our highly specified, flexible wedge gate valves have European manufactured, drop forged alloy steel bodies with butt weld ends, often supplied with a bypass arrangement.

High pressure valves can be assembled and tested, with robust and reliable electric actuators, on the main valves and on the integral actuated bypass valves.

High Pressure Two Way Pneumatic Valves

  • Straight through globe style design with precision cast bodies for maximum capacity
  • Special design to handle a wide range of fluids such as water, thermal oil, steam, nitrogen and natural gases
  • Optimised modular construction for quick change and ease of maintenance
  • Large range of actuation forces available to meet most services and applications

Manual Cast Steel Products

From a wide range of cast steel gate valves, globe valves, non-return valves and strainers (all built to both ANSI and European standards using only European components and castings) our experts will specify the required valve for your LP/MP and HP distribution systems.

Forged Steel Gate and Globe Valves

With hundreds of forged steel gate and globe valves, in various sizes and pressure classes, we offer highly competitive prices on a quality range to cover all pressure classes and temperature ratings.

If you are interested in joining the many energy contractors already saving money, improving energy efficiency and ensuring compliance with our support, please get in touch with our Energy Specialists on 0121 7111 908.

Servicing and Maintenance

We want to build a working relationship with you to provide effective, long term solutions for your business. With our unbiased expertise and market placement we are perfectly poised to offer you professional service and maintenance packages.

With good servicing and maintenance regimes critical in minimising downtime of your process and maximising system efficiency and economy, Valveforce is particularly aware that by offering our specialist services we can keep your plant safe, save you money, free up maintenance staff and resources, give you peace of mind and give you the ability to avoid costly emergencies.

Often problematic valves can lead to many process and safety issues. We always strive to be extremely competitive for new valves, however, often it is practically and financially justifiable to overhaul and repair the faulty component.

It is for these reasons that Valveforce can offer:

  • Routine valve repair during shutdown periods
  • Onsite valve repair and testing
  • Workshop valve repair and testing
  • Removal and re-installation service
  • In-situ online safety valve testing

Valveforce Project Services

  • Audit and Design Work
  • Independent Steam Systems Audits
  • Heat and Energy Loss Insulation Audits
  • Boiler BG01 and Water Treatment Audits
  • Detailed Consultancy and Design Specification

Service Agreements

  • Boiler House Service Agreements
  • Heat Exchanger Service Agreements
  • Flow Metering Service Agreements
  • Control Loop Service Agreements
  • Plate Heat Exchanger Service Agreements

Survey and Testing Work

  • Comprehensive Steam Trap Surveys
  • High Temperature Protection Surveys
  • Safety Valves In Situ and Off Site Testing
  • Valve Repair and Testing
  • Swap Out and Full Installation Site Works

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