Safety Valve Testing

The Valveforce safety valve testing service checks every safety valve in-situ and under live operating conditions. Steam safety valves are often the last device to prevent catastrophic failure under pressure conditions. Therefore it is essential that our engineers can test this on-site to ensure the valve works at all times and is 100% reliable.

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    In-Situ Valve Testing

    Increasing your plant's productivity, output and bottom line

    When testing critical components such as safety valves it is important to maintain plant productivity and safety. With general test procedures the safety valve is removed and maintained offline in a repair workshop. This outage and removal can be time consuming and costly in terms of man hours, plus manual handling equipment is often required.

    Valveforce are able to eliminate this issue by offering a safety valve testing and maintenance service which can prove and test the valves in-situ.

    Valveforce Products/Services

    The Safety Valve Testing from Valveforce will cover:

    • Live testing can be carried out without any downtime
    • Accurate evaluation of set pressure, forces and lift
    • Capacity testing against lift of the valve is carried out
    • Resetting of the set pressure can be carried out in service
    • The equipment used is approved by Lloyds register
    • Full documentation and test certification is provided.

    Our in-situ testing is a competitive and straight forward way to understand and reprove your safety valves. It gives you the ability to identify valves that have drifted and in need of adjustments.

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