Clorius Controls Valves

Valveforce has announced they are the new exclusive UK distributor for Clorius Controls who recognise them as the control valves specialists that provides outstanding technical knowledge and support to the UK heating, cooling and ventilation market and also has extensive stock for immediate dispatch.

Clorius controls

The perfect partnership Valveforce and Clorius’ relationship has been established for many years so when Clorius decided to appoint just one preferred UK distributor Valveforce was the obvious choice. Clorius recognised Valveforce as one of the UK’s leading control valves specialists with the technical ability and in-house team to support the respected installed base they want to market their products to. Clorius specialise in the development and production of equipment for monitoring, controlling and regulating heating, cooling and ventilation. Their products consist of valves, thermostats, pressure difference regulators and electronic controllers making up a complete range within this field. Clorius supplies the ship building industry, provides industrial applications as well as heating and ventilation for buildings and has a history of supplying quality products and services that meet the high standards set by the maritime industry.

New products and larger schemes

As Clorius’ offering evolves and grows new products are being introduced including new actuated and control valves especially in larger 2 and 3 way versions on CWS and HTLW and general HVAC control. Valveforce appreciates the build quality and flexibility that Clorius offers and is already working in the industries that Clorius wants to target. By working together Valveforce has the opportunity to extend our offering into larger products and schemes such as:

  • Engine jacket cooling water systems
  • Central cooling water systems
  • Hot water heating and distribution
  • Heating systems for fresh water generators
  • Distribution valves for heating, venting and air conditioning systems
  • Large scale distribution systems
  • District heating schemes
  • On CHP engines
  • Large HVAC systems

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