ChemValve-Schmid Non Return Valves

ChemValve-Schmid AG resulted from the merger of ConVey-Schmid AG and ChemValve AG from Stäfa.


Their production facility in Welschenrohr, with the development and production of fittings, valves, systems of the process and environmental technology of every kind. These products are used in the environment technology, process engineering, chemistry, food and energy producing industry.

ChemValve-Schmid AG develops and manufactures high quality valves which are sold and distributed through a carefully developed network of long-standing partners, including Valveforce. They have been developing check valves and PTFE-lined butterfly valves in close cooperation with the most important European PTFE manufacturers since the 1980s. As a result, they have over 30 years of expertise in valve production.

ChemValve-Schmid product range

The three most important product lines are:

  • Non-Return Valves, Check Valves and Double Disc Check Valves
  • PTFE lined Butterfly Valves
  • Special Valves

ChemValve-Schmid AG specializes in the machining of special materials like titanium, hastelloy (nickel alloys) and fluoropolymer (PTFE). This is coupled with the highly experienced valve production engineers has made them an invaluable supplier for Valveforce.

"Precision – reliability – innovation" is their motto. Thanks to years of investment in state-of-the-art production technologies and highly qualified employees, they offer unprecedented product and service quality in this sector. They creatively develop on-time solutions that are focused on our customers' needs. Thanks to their process reliability, which covers the entire value chain through to warehousing and has evolved over many years, standard products are delivered within only a few days in line with customer-controlled assembly requirements. Existing products are continuously improved and new products are developed based on customer requirements.

We are specialists in this area with vast experience and a broad product range to really benefit you. Please call us on 0121 281 0677 or email to discuss any valve related projects.

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