Steam Boiler Economiser for Leading Yoghurt Manufacturer

Steam Boiler Economiser back on line and saving energy

Valveforce helped a leading UK yogurt manufacturer save energy

A leading UK yoghurt manufacturer recently approached Valveforce to supply and carry out the installation of a large steam boiler economiser.

How Valveforce helped

Valveforce are an existing service provider to the UK yoghurt manufacturer site in Market Drayton, where we maintain the steam boilers. As well as being an existing provider, our skill sets and expertise in steam system installations meant we were a natural fit for the project.

We were asked to remove the existing economiser and install a bespoke economiser. The existing economiser had failed due to corrosion of the tubes and had to be by-passed. While on by-pass, energy costs were rising and therefore the client needed a quick turnaround of the project. Valveforce were able to meet the tight deadlines set and delivered the project on time and within budget.

Boiler economisers

Boiler economisers are used to save energy by heating the boiler feedwater to elevated temperatures by utilising the boiler flue gases. Traditionally feedwater is heated in a hotwell and delivered to the boiler at around 85c. By utilising economiser technology the boiler water is elevated to around 120c, this increase in temperature delivers considerable energy savings. Typically an economiser will reduce the energy consumption of a boiler by around 5%.

Steam Boiler Economiser
Steam Boiler Economiser

Valveforce are here to help

Please call our team to discuss your requirements on 0121 711 1908 or email us at We would be very happy to discuss your project in detail. From the moment you first contact Valveforce, you benefit from industry leading expertise gained over many years at the forefront of steam and process valve technology.

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