Overhaul and Repair

In recent years our customers’ requirements have changed, due to the significant loss of engineering expertise and the manpower to carry out the detailed engineering work.

At Valveforce, we have the manpower and core competencies to be able to work with you to improve, monitor, and maintain your plant and your process. We are here to help as an extension to your team.

We are experts in valve overhaul and repair work, and we will ensure that your valves run efficiently, safely and in a cost-effective manner. We want to maximise the service life of your equipment, to help ease financial pressures in the current climate.

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    Plant Maintenance

    Key to ensuring operating efficiently is to maintain your plant to the highest possible level. At Valveforce we can be relied up as a specialist extension of our customer’s team providing expert advice and support when required. By using Valveforce’s engineering experience together we can come up with a solution for keeping downtime to a minimum and increasing productivity, whether it be overhaul or repair work.

    With this in mind Valveforce understand the importance of plant maintenance and our expert engineers have the skills and abilities to overhaul all types of Valves, Plate Heat Exchangers and Calorifiers Heat Exchangers.

    Our skilled engineers are able to inspect your Valves, Plate Heat Exchangers and Calorifier Heat Exchangers and offer a full repair, diagnostic and commissioning services. This work can be carried out on site where required or at ourfully equipped workshop facility in Shirley, West Midalnds in the UK. We have dedicated testing facilities and have the scope to manage the entire overhaul and process in-house from start to finish.


    Repair Services  

    About Valveforce:

    • We have over 30 years of steam and process system design expertise
    • Dedicated engineers as extensions of your team
    • Committed to reducing downtime and increasing productivity
    • Can recondition the majority of manufacturers products and equipment
    • On site testing and calibration
    • In-situ valve testing and reconditioning
    • Planned and routine servicing
    • Annual service and maintenance agreement

    Valveforce Repair Services:

    Click here to find out how Valveforce can manage and maintain your critical valve

    For more information on the overhaul of Plate Heat Exchangers click here.

    Click here for more information regarding Calorifier Heat Exchangers.

    At Valveforce we are here to help, please call the team to discuss your Overhaul and Repair requirements on 0121 711 1908 or email us at info@valveforce.co.uk  

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