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Pumpforce offers a full range of products and services from bespoke design through to the supply and installation of water pressurised systems.

We are relied upon more and more as a specialist extension to our customers’ team, providing valuable support services when required.

Pumpforce engineers and technicians are qualified, skilled and experienced in a wide range of water pressurised equipment and fluid transfer systems. They have established a reputation for providing expert solutions to complex pump problems.

We supply, install, service, repair and distribute industrial pumps, pre-fabricated pumping skids, condensate recovery pumps and more.

Our team are dedicated and provide the highest standards in quality, design, manufacturing and servicing. We engage with our customers to build long term trusted partnerships.

We offer independent expert advice and support on flow control technologies. Customers benefit from the right technical solution at a competitive price to suit their needs.

Our Comprehensive Knowledge and experience cover the following:

Our Capabilities and Expertise:

  • Industrial pump experts providing the latest solutions in pumping technologies
  • Specialists in the field of fluid transfer
  • Highest standards in quality, design, manufacturing and servicing
  • Maintain equipment to its full potential, minimising energy costs and down time
  • Increase the life expectancy of equipment, minimising faults to prevent maintenance issues
  • Integrated application of programming, maintaining optimum performance
  • Supply, install, service, repair and distribute industrial pumps, pre-fabricated pumping skids and condensate recovery pumps and much more

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In addition to supply our on-site and in-house services include:

  • Design
  • Modifications
  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Installations
  • Servicing

We also offer the following on-site and in-house services


On & Off-Site Repairs & Maintenance


On-Site Service & Support

Dedicated technical expertise in valves, controls, heat exchangers and pumps

  • Flow control valves
  • Steam & condensate
  • Pressure & temperature controls
  • Energy survey & maintenance
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Shell & tube calorifiers
  • Heater batteries & coils
  • Mechanical fabrication
  • Boiler feed & LTHW shunt pump
  • Pressurisation units
  • Pre-fabricated pump skids
  • VFD drives and controls
  • Control panels
  • PLC & HMI
  • Diagnostics & commissioning
  • Electronic repairs

Delivering excellence to some of the UK's biggest brands

We support a vast variety of clients from multiple sectors including:
Automotive, food processing, healthcare, oil & gas, heavy industry and national utilities.

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From power plants to the NHS we guarantee a responsive, dynamic, nationwide service working with you to find the best possible solutions...

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