SOMAS Ball Segment Valves

SOMAS Instrument AB develops, produces and markets control- and on/off-valves made from high-grade, acid-proof stainless steel.  They export their products all over the world. Their main sectors are the pulp and paper industry, but are growing into the in the chemical, power, biofuel, offshore and pharmaceutical sectors.


For more than 60 years, SOMAS has developed and manufactured valves in stainless steel materials and a product program with a range of dimensions. They continue to develop their products to meet the new demands of the industry coming from using new process media, which in turn require new materials.

When reliability matters Valveforce knows that they can count on suppliers Somas. When it comes to experienced technical advice on high performance valves then look no further Valveforce can advise and support all your technical needs. Another reason why we are the UK representative for SOMAS® offering you technical expertise and bespoke solutions for all your engineering process plant problems.

6 Great Features

  • High performance advanced triple eccentric butterfly valves for abrasive media and high temperatures
  • High capacity Ball segment valves for control and on/off operation
  • Check valves in stainless steel
  • Full bore Ball valves, soft and metal seated
  • Pneumatic actuators
  • Smart positioner

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