We have a vast range of strainers available, whether you need wafer pattern commissioning strainers, Y type strainers or Duplex basket strainers, Valveforce will be able to specify and supply the most suitable product for your requirements.

The Y strainer is the most common and economic type of strainer for permanent applications, suitable for mounting in horizontal and vertical pipelines.

Our flanged Y-Type strainers are designed and manufactured to PED/97/23/EC with end connections machined to recognised international standards such as ASME B16.5 and EN1092-1 and are generally available from our stock at very competitive prices.

Major Applications

Generally coarse filtration for the following example applications: -

  • Pump Protection
  • Flow-meter Protection
  • Valve & Regulator Protection
  • Instrumentation & Ancillary Piping Item Protection

On steam distribution systems it is important to use a fine mesh to ensure that fine particles are captured to protect items such as pressure reducing valves and steam flow meters.

Range Of Strainers With Perforated Or Mesh Screen Options

  • Designed to remove solids and particulates from the media
  • Various mesh sizes available including fine meshes for steam application
  • Bolted end cap with a drain plug for ease of cleaning

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