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At Heatxforce we design, manufacture, repair and maintain shell and tube heat exchangers, both in the field and in our factory.

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    Where specialist services are needed, such as tube replacement or through tube cleaning, we are well equipped to accommodate these tasks. Our air/hydraulic tube pulling rigs are capable of removing steel tubes up to 2" in diameter. Full or partial re-tubes can be carried out in-situ, avoiding the cost and disruption of site removal.

    Shell and Tube Heat Exch

    Tube Heat Exchangers Explained

    Tube Sheet Replacement

    Even if the tube sheets are unserviceable, we are able to remove them and weld replacements to the shell if site conditions allow.

    Baffle Sheet Replacement

    A common problem for steel shell & tube heat exchangers, is failure of the baffle plates through corrosion (causing them to collapse). When this occurs, the efficiency and heat transfer capability will diminish. The only remedies are complete replacement of the tube bundle or the complete unit. In most instances, particularly if the tube bundle is removable, replacement is usually possible. Where equipment is situated in plant rooms deep within buildings, this is when repairs present more of a challenge.

    Sometimes it is impossible to remove the equipment from the building and the only solution is to carry our repairs in place. Whether on or off site, Heatxforce can provide a solution to your heat transfer problem.


    A Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger is used extensively throughout industry for heating and cooling applications. They have been around since the early 20th century. Originally made for use in power plants, the design and sophistication over the last hundred years has seen their usage increase across all industry sectors. Of all types of heat exchangers developed over the years, the shell and tube heat exchanger design remains the most versatile and robust.

    Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are used in the oil and gas sector for heating and cooling, on-shore and off-shore. In the Pharmaceutical industry for process heating and cooling. In food and dairy plants for production processes, sterilisation and pasteurisation. In the sphere of power generation, oil cooling for turbines & transformers and heat recovery in CHP plants.

    Please call us on 0121 711 1908 to discuss your shell and tube heat exchanger requirements, we’d be happy to help.

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    Heatxforce build pressure equipment in accordance with PD5500 and ASME VIII Pressure vessel codes whilst conforming to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and UKCA Pressure Equipment Safety Regulations (PESR), which are mandatory inspection requirements applicable to pressure vessels and systems.

    Our welding procedures are in accordance with ISO 15614-1 and ASME IX.

    Welder qualifications are in accordance with ISO 9606-1 and ASME IX.

    All of our welding related qualifications are certified by TUV Nord.