Reasons to Work with Us

At Heatxforce, we understand the importance of responding quickly to client needs and providing them with flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Our philosophy

With over 30 years of experience in the field of heat transfer, we are able to provide our clients with tailored proposals based on their needs. Our engineering team are able to produce thermal and mechanical designs using industry standard software. Working within The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU, we can design and manufacture to ASME VIII, PD5500 and other construction codes where required.

Our expertise

Heatxforce takes great pride in the quality of its products and services and strives to maintain the highest standards possible. Think of us as a highly reliable extension to your team.

The complete package

Heatxforce deliver a one-stop solution for our clients from conception to commissioning, and along with our group businesses, are able to integrate process and control systems to provide a complete package from a single source.

Site services

We pride ourselves on our service capabilities and that we can react to emergency situations where critical plant needs urgent attention. We can minimise downtime, ensuring that processes and services are restored. Of course, prevention is better than cure, and our planned maintenance of heat transfer equipment can help to ensure that breakdowns are avoided.

Product range

Heatxforce carry out the design, manufacture, repair and maintenance of most types of heat exchanger including:

  • Shell & tube
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Calorifiers
  • Steam batteries
  • HVAC coils
  • Inter/After coolers

Giving peace of mind

Our extensive experience in this field and our detailed knowledge enables us to understand our client’s needs. All our products are tested under stringent conditions, ensuring that every piece of equipment leaving our factory arrives with our customers in perfect condition.

Please call us on 0121 711 1908 to discuss your requirements, we'd be happy to help you.


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Hot Water Packages & SKID Fabrication

Calorifier & Coils Build & Repair

Heatxforce build pressure equipment in accordance with PD5500 and ASME VIII Pressure vessel codes whilst conforming to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and UKCA Pressure Equipment Safety Regulations (PESR), which are mandatory inspection requirements applicable to pressure vessels and systems.

Our welding procedures are in accordance with ISO 15614-1 and ASME IX.

Welder qualifications are in accordance with ISO 9606-1 and ASME IX.

All of our welding related qualifications are certified by TUV Nord.