HVAC Coils – Repair and Exact Replacement

At Heatxforce, we manufacture, supply and install all types of fin coil air conditioning units, including refurbishment and replacement, re-designs and upgrades, cleaning and on-site assembly.

What are HVAC coils used for?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Coils (HVAC) are used either in ducted systems or Air Handling Units (AHU). Their function is to either heat or cool an air stream using steam or hot water in the case of heating and chilled water or refrigerant when cooling.

How do coils work?

The majority of coils are made from a series of copper tubes with aluminium or copper fins to increase the heat transfer surface areas. Either a heating or cooling fluid is circulated through the tubes whilst a cold or hot air stream passes over the tubes and fins.

Finned Heating Coils

Finned coilFinned Heating Coils can be used with steam, LPHW & MPHW and can be manufactured from a range of materials. The most common combination is copper tubes with aluminium fins, but for more arduous environments, copper fins can be used. There are a number of surface finishes which can be used to protect the fins and copper fins can be supplied with an electro-finned finish for harsh environments.

Finned Cooling Coils

Finned Cooling Coils are used with chilled water for cooling air in air conditioning systems. Using a water/glycol mix, they are most commonly used in larger buildings, which have plant room chillers. The material selection is the same as for finned heating coils. Chilled water coils are normally fitted with a drip tray to collect water droplets which condense, as the air passes over the fins.

Unfinned Plain Tube Coils

Unfinned coilUnfinned Plain Tube Coils are sometimes used in air handling units as "frost coils" to pre-heat incoming sub-zero temperature air. This is to prevent freezing of water circulating through finned coils elsewhere in the AHU.

Evaporator Coils known as DX Coils

DX coilEvaporator Coils use refrigerant to cool air stream. These are usually duct mounted or small packaged units and do the same job as chilled water coils.


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