PLC/HMI programming and supply

At Controlsforce we are one of the leading Control Panel Builders in the UK.

We can design, build, program, test, deliver and install an extensive range of control system panels using the latest PLCs and HMI hardware and software.

From designing your system to the most specific of requirements, Controlsforce can program your machine/plant to operate autonomously or manually. We can give you complete control of your process and allow you to monitor operation and log data. We can incorporate HMI screens to allow you to change processes or adjust individual sections of the operation in order to make your plant/machine operate efficiently and cost effectively.

Our team of experts at Controlsforce can design HMI screens to incorporate your company branding and the screens can be password protected to prevent accidental or unauthorised changes to your process. We can support multiple user languages or design an info-graphic and icon based interface for general operator interaction and we can keep a log of all user interactions if required.

We are conversant with many makes of PLC and HMI DCS / SCADA systems including:

ABB PLCs; Allen Bradley PLCs; Beijers HMIs; GE PLCs; Mitsubishi HMIs; Mitsubishi PLCs and Alpha; Omron PLCs; Proface HMIs; Rockwell HMI – RSVIEW; Schneider HMIs; Schneider Modicon PLCs and Zelio; Siemens HMI - WINCC; Siemens S5/S7 PLCs and Logo; Unitronics PLCs; Weintek HMIs and many more

At Controlsforce we can also:

  • Incorporate PC based control using SOFTLOGIX, TWINCAT, HMI/SCADA, VB .NET and more
  • Provide remote access over the internet via cabled, wireless and mobile networks
  • Supply low cost combined PLCs and HMIs

We are very proud of our control systems and are happy to provide support and updates if and when required.

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Variable Frequency AC Inverter Drives

Using an AC inverter drive is the most efficient way to control an electric 3 phase AC induction motor. It offers speed and torque control of the electric AC induction motor to match the process it is to be used for, thus not wasting energy, improving productivity and reducing maintenance costs which is good for the business and environment.

Simply the AC Inverter drive works by tacking ac electrical mains either single phase or three phase and rectifying it into direct current (dc). The direct current is usually passed through smoothing capacitors and sometimes a dc choke before connecting to power transistors, which turn it into 3 phases for the motor. The inverter drives usually have many programmable parameters which can be accessed and changed to suit the requirements of the operational needs of the ac induction motor.

Parameters can be set for and monitor a number of things such as motor voltage, current, speed, power factor, torque, temperature etc and can set for local or remote control operation such as start, stop forward, reverse. Incorporating AC inverter drives in the design and build of electrical control panels can be the best way to control ac induction motors on large industrial plants with possible large energy and cost savings.

At Controlsforce we can design, build, test, deliver and install an automation motion control system controlling and monitoring machine moving parts in a safe controlled manor. It could incorporate open or closed loop motion control commands through an energy amplifier to operate actuators and the like, it could be used for fan control, stepper motor control, hydraulic pumps, pneumatic cylinders etc. using measuring devices it could monitor velocity and point to point positions of machines using measuring devices such as servo’s, resolvers and incremental encoders for more accurate positioning as in the operation of CNC and robotic machines and plant. It could include Ethernet/IP, Profinet IRT, Ethernet Powerlink and EtherCAT

Motor Control Centres

If you require we can design, build, test, deliver and install a motor control centre for you, from single bay to multi bay motor control centres keeping the control of your plant in one location. They could be multi cubicle common power bus sections with each cubicle containing a lock off power disconnect isolator, motor starter, fuses or MCB’s.

At Controlsforce, we are confident that by using top quality components and equipment, you can be sure that the motor control centre will give you many years of service.

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