Reasons to work with us

Controlsforce are specialists in their field. If you commission us to design and build your panels you can be assured of receiving quality branded components, selected, assembled and tested by experienced technicians to the most exacting standards.

Delivering the total package

Our experienced process engineers have worked in the industry for over 30 years and started life as electronic engineers. This gives us a deep understanding of the inner workings of drives and PLCs that others may take for granted. We have designed out many problem areas that can be found within control panels and incorporated features to assist with on-going maintenance and support. We are a one-stop design and manufacture service, offering the complete solution from concept to sign-off.

The complete loop

Many of our customers prefer a partnering systems approach to support their needs, Controlsforce are in a unique position to bring an integrated approach to this. As well as our controls and software expertise, working together with our parent company we can supply and install the complete controls package.

A unique mix of expertise, products and services creates the perfect platform for controlling processes safely and efficiently, protecting both individuals and the environment from harm.

Giving peace of mind

Our extensive industrial experience and detailed knowledge enables us to understand your needs. All our panels are tested under stringent conditions ensuring that every product leaving the factory is in perfect condition for our customers.

Right solution, right price

Our manufacturer independence enables us to design and specify the most cost effective and reliable solution for your application.

We try to not only meet your expectations but to surpass them in everything we do. With our experience from many different manufacturing sectors, we can often look at problems from a different perspective. We relish challenges and have the tenacity to complete those demanding and tricky jobs.

Rejuvenating machinery

A new control system can rejuvenate an old machine. Some machinery manufacturers try to make maintaining mechanically sound machinery uneconomic once it exceeds a certain age. At Controlsforce we offer a two-part solution to this problem, repair or replacement.

Our engineers repair all kinds of faulty electronic equipment including instrumentation, drives, PLCs, and displays. We can repair cathode ray tube monitors or we can offer upgrades to colour LCD technology. We can also replace your control system with a modern equivalent.

As well as improved reliability, we can often incorporate other enhancements to machine operation that can improve cycle times or add a recipe structure or data logging functionality.

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