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Controlsforce have the specialist skills and expertise to commission and optimise any of our electrical control systems. We offer all the advantages of big company support and back up, whilst remaining firmly focused on the virtues of close customer contact and genuine personal service.

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    Control Panel Maintenance

    Control panel maintenance is a very important factor to ensure the smooth running of your plant or factory. Faulty equipment or regular down time can waste a company’s time and money. If your equipment or plant is constantly having down time or looking a little tired, Controlsforce can offer a review of your equipment or plant electrical control panels. If required, we can make suggestions of how to bring the electrical control system up to date and work in a more cost effective and energy efficient manner.

    Once you make contact with us, our dedicated team will listen to your concerns, make an assessment of the ways we can help. If necessary, we can come to your site to have a look at the problem in detail. We will then give you a full and detailed breakdown of what work needs to be done and a variety of ways we can approach the problem. We have a long history of on-site repair, upgrades and maintenance; from small scale plant to large factory’s and quarries. There are no jobs too large or small for us and we pride ourselves on the high standards we set for any job we take on.

    Our Technicians and Engineers can commission your equipment or plant. They will set up, manage and fine tune your equipment or plant to its optimum efficiency. Before leaving the site, we will make sure all your requirements are met. We can offer on going reviews and upgrade of your equipment as and when required. For any further information on electrical control panels, please give us a call on 0121 783 8676 and we would be happy to help.

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