We have a wide and varied customer base and specialise in industrial control systems, including inverter drives, temperature control and instrumentation, valves and actuator operational control.

All of our PLC systems can be supplied with network connectivity for remote control or monitoring if required.

Automotive PLC Control Panel

Many of our automotive control systems are used either directly by automotive manufacturers or within their supply chain network.  These PLC control panel systems include PLC sequence control automation as well as temperature control.  The complexity of our panels can vary from a simple pneumatic actuator pressing an insert into a molding to a hot air impingement system for curing adhesive bond lines on aluminium panels during body in white assembly.

Electrical Panel Design for Defence Contracts

We are proud to work with some of our country’s defence contractors. Due to the unique requirements that these clients present, our electrical panel design and control panels have undergone extensive design review and testing phases, and these are currently working to exacting specifications in both fixed and maritime applications. In these markets confidentiality and reliability are paramount.

  • Systems built to customer specifications
  • Contractual documentation
  • Gas turbine ancillary controls
  • PLC and HMI updates of existing relay logic systems
  • Auxiliary pneumatic panels

Food & Beverage – Stainless-steel Control Panels

We have produced many stainless-steel control panels for use in the food and beverage sector. We are particularly experienced in providing temperature control systems as well as conveyor and pump control systems. Alongside our parent company Valveforce, we have developed a skid-based heat recovery system to re-capture energy that would otherwise be considered a waste product.

  • Hygienic panels
  • Integration of PLC and drive systems
  • Process product handling
  • Packaging controls
  • Stainless Steel panels to IP67
  • Meat production line monitoring
  • Energy recovery controls
  • Integrated process engineering

Industrial Control Panels for Heating and Cooling Systems

We have designed industrial control panels for many forms of heating and cooling systems ranging from single zone bench top controllers through to high power process air heating to multi-zone shortwave infrared heating systems. Our experience extends beyond simple panel design, as we can offer commissioning and PID co-efficient optimisation, as well as developing user specific PLC software to allow advanced features such as temperature profiling and complex control algorithms.

  • Infra-red heating control systems
  • Industrial hot air blower systems
  • Heated mat temperature profile control
  • Solid State Power Control
  • HMI control of multi-zone heaters

Control Panel Builders for the Processing Industry

In the mineral, aggregate and powders processing industry we have designed and manufactured control systems for many different types and scales of equipment ranging in size from a small ball mill to complete sand classification and blending plants. Our clients range from small UK based manufacturers to global players.

Our experience as control panel builders in this field also allows us to offer both hardware and software upgrades to existing control systems.

  • Blending & screening
  • Classifier systems
  • Conveyor controls
  • Pump soft starts and inverters
  • Remote monitoring of plant
  • Event and alarm logging
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