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Controlsforce are Control Panel Design experts and specialise in designing and supplying any type of electric temperature transducer: thermocouples, resistance thermometers and thermistors, as well as cables, threads and accessories. We understand our customers control needs and ensure the optimum specification is produced.

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    Temperature Controllers

    We have a vast array of options when it comes to designing our temperature control systems, options such as Dual Display Temperature Controllers with Digital Inputs & Re-transmission.  There are a vast array of options available, but below are some common areas.

    Temperature Controller

    Control Panel Features

    Fully Programmable

    A fully programmable PID or ON/OFF with adjustable hysteresis as configured by the users, with active Tuning or Self Tuning


    A wide range of thermocouple and resistance thermometer inputs can be specified. Current and voltage inputs are also available.


    Up to two low cost alarms may be specified and configured by the user to act as deviation or process alarms.


    The outputs that you need to control your systems often are Relay, SSR and current outputs these are all a selectable option.


    Alarms may be configured by the user to detect a fault in the control loop caused by failure of the heater element, load relay or sensor circuit.

    Additional Outputs

    Available for either: an additional alarm output, a programmable re-transmission signal for process, set or output values or a run/stop status contact output.


    In the event of a heater failure this option produces an alarm output. A matching current transducer available from TC Ltd is required for this option.

    Simple Panel Mounting Feature

    As dedicated panel builders, we like this feature, we have simple panel mounting feature enables up to six controllers to be fitted horizontally in a single panel cut out which not only looks great and tidy but reduces installation time.

    In addition to self tuning these controllers feature continuous active tuning. Active tuning which can be manually selected, automatically adjusts PID values as a result of a process disturbance, to ensure optimum performance.

    Pressure Controllers

    Pressure controllers are electronic digital controllers which are programmed and commissioned to  provide quick and accurate indication and control of your pressure control loop. Our systems will automatically provide a pressure based on a supply pressure. Due to the high accuracy and control stability, pressure controllers are especially suitable as references for industrial pressure control applications, such as pressure reducing, level control and production line monitoring. They often work with pressure transmitter which need to be carefully specified to meet often demanding process applications.

    Pressure Transmitters

    Often to work with the above pressure controllers, we provide pressure transmitters, there are so many options and variations to suit your system it is often best to consult with Controlsforce to ensure the correct items are chosen.

    The 4-20mA pressure transmitters we supply will offer high accuracy and stability for use in a wide range of measurement applications including steam, gas and liquids and are used extensively in industry.

    The electronics are often encapsulated inside a 316L stainless steel housing along with a ceramic sensing element, making these transmitters ideal for use in industrial and arduous environments. The thermal stability of ceramic is very high, so thermal shift is minimal during operation.

    Custom Made Options

    Custom-made Temperature Sensors

    Controlsforce can offer a bespoke custom-made sensor, designed and built to suit your demanding application and physical requirements. Our sensors are designed for your specific needs and we build to your exacting requirements at our factory in Birmingham. Our delivery times are quick and efficient lead times.

    Whether it's thermocouples, RTDs (Pt100s), thermistors or thermowells that you require, our specialist team can be built to your specification, whether it's a one-off or a mass production run.

    We have standard design templates that we use as a discussion document, to help us focus on your specific needs. Once a prototype has been developed and proven, a final production drawing will be formalised and a BOM will be generated along with a documentation pack. Our detailed electrical and electronics engineers will help guide you through the design and build of your sensors and make sure you are completely happy with your build.

    We have a large stock of cable in all thermocouple types in PVC, Fibreglass, PFA, Silicone Rubber, XLPE, ceramic fibre etc. Our thermocouple cables are to IEC60584 and ANSI colour codes and tolerances although other colour codes are available. We offer a wide variety of constructions from simple bell wire to screened and armoured multi pair types in complex configurations. RTD (Resistance Thermometer) cables are also available in a wide variety of configurations to suit your needs.

    Custom-made Looms and Cable Assemblies

    Cable Loom Manufacture

    Controlsforce are manufacturers of bespoke cable looms and cable harnesses. We are a fully trained technical team and we guarantee low costs and high quality for all your cable loom needs.

    If you need a bespoke OEM cable loom or an individual wiring need, we would gladly talk though your needs and design and test the correct cabling to match your need and application. We offer:

    • Low cost, high quality Cable Looms
    • Quick turnaround on Cable Looms for emergency applications
    • Design & develop Cable Looms for our customers’ specific needs

    Over the years many of our customers have asked Controlsforce to make and supply custom made looms and cable assemblies for use on all types of equipment and plant, some of these have been one off make and supply to regular 3 monthly make and supply looms. They have ranged from large high current power looms to multi-core, signal and communications looms, RJ45, RS232 etc and temperature control thermocouple looms.

    Many are used on plant such as robotic equipment, conveyor and handling systems, ovens and furnaces, plastic injection moulding machines, concrete cutting machines, welding machines, plant packs and communication and control systems.


    Connector & Plug/Socket Assemblies

    Controlsforce are conversant with the regulations and use of a broad selection of cable, connectors and plug/socket assemblies, you can be sure the looms and assemblies we make will be suitable for the country, environment and conditions for where they are to be fitted and used.

    Here are but a few of the connector and plug/socket assemblies we have used at Controlsforce:

    • Military plug/ sockets
    • Belden
    • DB Type
    • G Type
    • Harting
    •  XLR
    • Cat5 & 6
    • Molex
    • Brad
    • Pepperl + Fuchs
    • Pheonix
    • TE
    • Omeron
    • Belden

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