Our Expertise

Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

As soon as you contact Controlsforce you benefit from over 30 years’ experience as a electrical control panel manufacturer.  Our highly trained team of technicians are on hand to deliver a high-quality product using their expert product knowledge and skills to deliver on every job. We are committed to providing industry with control systems utilising the latest technology and quality components.


All our control systems are built to the highest standards, with our in-house testing procedures ensuring outstanding performance and reliability. We have an extensive manufacturing facility comprising of assembly areas, inspection test section and dedicated storage. We are proud to be British manufacturers based in the heart of the country with excellent communication links to all parts of the UK.

Product Expertise

At the initial assessment, our specialist and experienced Electronic Engineers will undertake fault finding diagnostics on your legacy equipment. They should be able to pinpoint the problematic component and find a suitable replacement. Then carry out the necessary skilled repair work to the PCB. However, our Engineers often find that certain components are obsolete and will endeavor to find a more modern equivalent, which could be engineered to fit in its place.

Many of the PCB's are bespoke microprocessor based embedded systems, to which we have access to some of the source code. We can purchase smaller surface mounted devices, programme them and then rework the original PCB to fit them in place. This approach can save customers a great deal of expenditure by repairing and reworking old redundant electronics, thus getting many more years of life out of their equipment, rather than the costly replacement and installation of new machinery.

Controlsforce has the complete portfolio

  • Design and build manufacture service
  • Specialists in temperature and PID control
  • Machine automation
  • Electrical FDS designs
  • Mechanical control panel layout design
  • PLC programming
  • HMI programming
  • VFD configuration
  • PID loop optimisation
  • Thyristor power control techniques
  • On site commissioning
  • Industrial instrumentation repair
  • Data logging

Controlsforce engineers have established a reputation for providing expert solutions to complicated control problems.

We are committed to providing the industry with the latest technology, consistent high quality, outstanding reliability and the highest levels of performance.

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