Valveforce, the flow control and steam system specialists, have unveiled a new range of Flat-Disc Check Valves that can benefit pump designs by providing up to 300% less power consumption than traditional valves.

When compared size-for-size with conventional swing- and lift-type check valves, Valveforce Check Valves give a very compact installation because they are designed to fit between flanges.

With a buffered cone that enables excellent resistance to flow, these new Check Valves allow flow in one direction only when installed in pipeline systems.  The flow is then ‘checked’ if the flow direction is reversed.

The comprehensive Valveforce range, which is available with attractive delivery times, includes Double Disc Check Valves for very low pressure drops.  The split disc design overcomes all size and pressure drop limitations.

For small to medium pipes there are Spring and Disc Check Valves that are designed for rapid opening and closing.  These are ideal on boiler feed lines where they can protect the boiler and feed water tank from flooding by use of a heavy-duty spring.

Valveforce’s Tilting Disc Check Valves provide a rapid response with an oblique seat design that reduces closing travel – and completing the range are Swing Check Valves that provide an alternative to spring and disc valves as they have far fewer limitations on size.