The Heat is on

Over the past few years our specialist range of on-site supporting services has been enhanced and expanded to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Time and time again we have been asked to extend our skill-set so we can fully service not only plate heat exchangers on-site but also shell & tube exchangers, air handling units, heater batteries, coolers and coils.

We have listened, and last summer we invested significantly and set up a comprehensive Heat Exchanger division and fabrication workshop in-house. More importantly we now have a dedicated team led by a very capable and experienced Heat Exchanger specialist, namely Richard Evans.

Heatxforce offers a full range of products and services from concept design through to the supply and installation of heat exchanger packages.

We are supporting our customers with:

• Full cleaning and testing services

• On and off-site repairs and maintenance

• Plate heat exchanger strip, re-gaskets and re-builds

• Shell & tube, testing, replacing return bends, blanking off leaking tubes and re-tube

• Full design and consultation services through to the fabrication, installation, controls and commissioning

We cover all applications and industries including but not limited to Schools & Universities, Hospitals & Prisons, Energy & Power and general utilities.

For every stage of your project or on-site needs, you can rely on Heatxforce. With the best level of service, independent expert technical advice and the benefit of a multi-disciplinary team, we guarantee the performance of your plant and process.

We will be in touch to talk to you about your specific needs, if in the mean time you would like to discuss any aspect of your heater exchange and servicing requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

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