The Force Group are key workers for the NHS

The Force Group are key workers for the NHS and are here to support you.

The Force Group have received the following letter from an NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Contractor

This is to confirm you are currently contracted to undertake ongoing work for NHS Foundation Trust.

The work you carry out is essential to the provision of safe, quality care to patients. It is, therefore, considered that those contracted to provide services, through you, in the context of the Trust’s response to COVID-19, are key workers.

Please accept this letter as confirmation of our requirement for your workers to continue to undertake contracted work, as required, and to be classed as key workers. You may issue this letter to any member of your staff fulfilling a contract for us as proof of their keyworker status. It is imperative that this is only provided to those people contracted or subcontracted to our contracts.

This letter is valid until the end of May 2020 in the first instance and may extended subject to the situation at that time.

How to contact The Force Group

Please contact us on the details below, we’re here to help.


Phone: 0121 711 1908

Video call: 07958 333 020 (to show us problems you are experiencing on site, please use WhatsApp or Skype)

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