The Force Group song

Your boiler-house is in despair, steam valves or condenser need repair.
Don’t bury your head in the sand, the Force Group team are here at hand.
No job is too big or small, so come on partner give us a call.

Faulty steam valves we’ll repair for you, but if this is a no can do.
Replacement valves we can source, you can rely on us at Valveforce.

The condenser needs a different team, it may need welding along the seam.
Don’t neglect leaks whilst times are sunny, it could cost you lots of money.
Heatxforce are the team for you, there’s no condenser job they can’t do.
Build a new condenser or do a repair, the Heatx team take pride and care.
They’ll get it working in no time at all, so send them an email or just call.

So now your boiler-house is up and running, but somehow does not look stunning.
Perhaps a face-lift it may require, the controls and wiring may be dire.
We have a team within the group, an experienced, friendly, talented troop.
If an electrical panel is what you need, your requirements they will exceed.
They can design and build panels for you, even write the logic and software too.
Electronic repairs on complicated fear, their engineers have no fear.
It does not matter if it’s big or small, just give Controlsforce a call.

The Force Group has expanded quite a lot, Pumpforce is the new team on the plot.
If water is essential for what you do, we can get the pump that’s right for you.
If you need a trickle or a stream, call on the expertise of the Pumpforce team.

Now that The Force Group is complete, why not give your company a well-deserved treat?
An overview, a survey or something new, put your trust in The Force Group crew.

By Paul Charlton, Controlsforce

Paul Charlton of Controlsforce