Steam Trap Testing Basics 

Due to high energy prices and global competition the need to reduce energy waste and improve system efficiencies is more essential than ever. Steam, is one of the costliest utilities in manufacturing plants, but it’s also a necessary component to produce product quality across multiple processing industries. Here at Valveforce, we offer steam trap testing services that can help you ensure your system is running safely and efficiently. 

One major contributor to waste and inefficiency is steam leaks: both to the atmosphere and through valves and steam traps. By simply implementing a steam trap testing program, you can save your company thousands of pounds. A good steam trap survey will be able to identify any faulty steam traps and steam leaks that can impact safety, in turn, this will reduce energy waste and promote sustainability. Steam trap failure can have a huge impact on product quality so it’s important to maintain and repair a facility's steam trap population on a regular basis.

Ultrasonic steam trap testing

Ultrasound technology is a recognised procedure that’s used worldwide for steam trap testing, it is considered to be the most versatile of any predictive maintenance (PdM) technology. In addition to steam trap testing, common applications for ultrasound also include compressed air and gas leak detection, bearing inspection, motors, gearboxes, valves, and hydraulic applications. An ultrasonic steam trap tester should also be combined with visual inspection and temperature measurement. 

A Valveforce Steam Trap Survey involves a detailed inspection of your condensate return system and delivers the following:

  • Identification and an inventory of the complete steam trap population
  • Independent checking of each steam trap to ensure that it is correct for the application
  • Visual inspection of each steam trap to check that it is installed correctly
  • The latest ultrasonic testing of all steam traps in operation
  • Highlight other issues that may be observed in your steam and condensate system
  • Generation of an independent report as a result of the steam trap survey

With an increased focus on energy and sustainability within our industry, steam trap testing with ultrasound is a great way to show our customers that energy loss is something we take seriously. At Valveforce we make a conscious effort to correct problems related to energy loss and can help you do the same. Ultrasound technology is extremely versatile, not only can it provide insight into the health of steam traps, but also other components of the steam system such as heat exchangers, shutoff valves, control valves, solenoids, relief valves, cavitation in condensate return pumps, and steam leaks to atmosphere. 

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