Plant Room Winter Preparation

Whilst we're currently enjoying the glorious weather, we know temperatures will soon drop. When heating systems are turned back on within hospitals, they can often be problematic with mechanical, steam and valve issues. So now is a great time to do your plant room winter preparation.

Mechanical issues include:

  • Calorifier bundles get clogged up or split and need
    to be repaired or cut back
  • Plate heat exchangers leak and often require new gaskets or plate packs
  • Pipework can often split and have significant leaks and therefore need replacing

Steam and valve issues due to the colder weather include:

  • Increased condensate load will quickly expose trapping problems, causing safety issues, risking damage and costing money
  • Hardening old rubber internals can cause leaks, which worsen over time and need to be repaired or replaced
  • Actuators and control loops can prove very problematic with varying temperatures and need fine tuning

Valveforce and all The Force Group are here to help you

We have been supporting hospitals within the NHS for over 10 years, working with over 35 hospitals in a number of trusts.

We have a complete portfolio of Engineered Services available and you can rely on us, as Boiler House and Plant Room specialists.

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"Valveforce are a pleasure to deal with, they understood my technical problem and gave a solution under my budget" (Estates Manager)

"…the site visit from Valveforce highlighted areas that saved me and my team hours each week. Great service" (Maintenance Manager)

"…the professionalism of the Valveforce team was a breath of fresh air and I'm delighted with the improvements and recommendations they made" (Energy Manager)

We offer a full Turnkey Solution providing dedicated support on or off-site to help the major assets in industry with:

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