When our MD Marc Bozdogan’s closest friend of over 40 years passed away after an 8 year battle with sarcoma cancer, he made a daunting decision to run the London Marathon to raise money and awareness of sarcoma. As Marc is, by his own admission, not an endurance athlete it has been a titanic task for him to go from zero to successfully completing the 2017 London Marathon on 23 April in a time of 4:08:23. Marc only started training and fundraising in November 2016.

Marc’s friend Scott was a very keen runner and he would have loved to run the London Marathon, but this dream was taken away from him when he was diagnosed with sarcoma. Attacking soft tissue and bones and owing to its rarity sarcoma is often not recognised early enough. Sarcoma UK is a charity that supports people and their families that have the disease and they also train GPs to be more aware of sarcoma and provide the knowledge to recognise it in the early stages. 16% of sarcomas are diagnosed in people under 30, compared to only 2% of all other cancers.

"I am not any kind of long distance runner at all" says Marc, "when I first started training I didn't have anywhere near the level of fitness or the dedication nor mental attitude that running the London Marathon has required, but I was determined to try my hardest. I have done what I set out to do which was to raise awareness of this cancer and importantly raise money for Sarcoma UK". Marc has raised over £3000 and thanks our customers, suppliers and colleagues for their wonderful generosity.