District Heating Scheme Valve Specialists

At Valveforce we are District Heating Scheme Valve Specialists. We are committed to help combat climate change and help the UK reach the 2050 energy target set in the 2008 Climate Change Act. One way the government is looking to achieve this is via District Heating Systems which use a single centralised source to heat a network of buildings. This reduces the reliance on the regular gas boiler heating.

District heating and cooling systems are an important and environmentally friendly source of energy. The aim is to provide low carbon energy cheaply and efficiently by using waste heat by products from other sources.

District heating systems generate heat in a centralised setting and distribute across a variety of different sites. Power is mainly produced from a centralised system either biomass or Combined Heat & Power System (CHP). CHP Boilers take the heat from cooling the engine during electricity generation. This is so the heat contained in steam,  can be transferred to individual buildings through pipes and via substations to heat them.

BROEN Valve Technologies

For more than 30 years BROEN have pioneered in district energy by constantly pursuing and refining valve technology and this commitment means, that BROEN blends reliability with quality to position thus are a trusted and preferred supplier for long lasting, efficient energy solutions. Valveforce finds that by partnering with BROEN they have the expertise to create safe, intelligent and lasting solutions that meet regulatory requirements.

How can Valveforce help?

Our extensive knowledge of the complete system extends from the Energy Centre, underground pipework including the main pipe isolation to the service pipe work and throughout utility plant-rooms. As District Heating Schemes are an invaluable source of energy there are increasing requirements in these markets.

The enormous power rushing through a district heating and cooling system, puts great pressure on the components. Valveforce work in partnership with the big names in Europe for district heating to provide new and more efficient solutions, specification and technical selection.

We supply many types of specific district heating valves into underground buried pipe networks, above ground distribution and terminal points.

The specific District Heating Equipment that Valveforce supplies are:

  • District heating welded ball valves
  • Tilting disc low pressure drop NRV
  • Isolating butterfly valves
  • 2 and 3-way electric actuated control valves
  • Differential pressure control valves

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As District Heating Scheme Valve Specialists, we have the experience and a broad product range to really benefit you. Please call us on 0121 711 1908 or email info@valveforce.co.uk to discuss any valve related projects.