Flash Vessel

Valveforce believes Flash Vessels are at the heart of any energy recovery system.

Flash balloons are most often installed in the boiler room for the recovery of deconcentration energy or on the condensate network for condensate energy recovery.

Flash Vessel

When hot condensate drops in pressure as it passes through a steam trap. As a result a proportion runs off into steam. Therefore mixture of steam and condensate can be separated in a flash vessel. Consequently flash vessels can turn steam into useful low pressure steam and condensate. For energy recovery, the flash balloon uses the physics principles of flash steam. Because of the principle of operation of the flash ball it has the potential to recover almost 80% of the energy. Therefore by using a flash vessel to collect the waste steam from the condensate it is possible to supply steam to a small process for example hot water production or preheating of a battery or tarpaulin.


  • Free energy
  • Efficient separation of the flash steam from the blowdown prevents contamination of the boiler feedtank
  • Above all reducing costs in your boiler house and enhancing your energy recovery system.

The condensate is returned to the boilerhouse in the normal way by gravity, under its own pressure or by a condensate return pumping system.  See Valveforce's condensate recovery pump sets.

Flash vessels are carbon steel pressure vessel. Valveforce manufacture to European standards. They are available in a range of standard sizes to suit most applications.

Valveforce can survey your steam system. Subsequently calculate the potential cost savings and therefore propose a complete energy saving package.

Ask us for a free survey to assess the potential for condensate flash steam recovery.

Complementary sets of condensate recovery equipment are available from Valveforce. Subsequent items which can help make up the system include a pressure reducing valve, non-return valve for the flash steam line and a condensate return pumping system.

Valveforce can supply all your requirements for energy recovery systems!

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