Flow Control Valves

Our high quality flow control valves are designed to regulate the pressure or flow of a liquid. Working alongside actuators they are used in many industries for control of fluids. They are many types of flow control valve in our extensive range which covers products such as mixing and diverting, Electric, Pneumatic for high pressure applications and two way flow control valves.

A flow control valve is used for many industries such as food and beverage, heating, water, energy, paper and pulp. Valveforce prides itself on being the ‘one stop shop’ for all your control valve requirements, from product specification to product supply or maintenance and installation. We will always provide you with the best flow control valves for your application.

Mixing Diverting Flow Control Valve Img

Mixing & Diverting Flow Control Valve

  • For use in hot water & thermal oil systems to maintain constant fluid temperature supply flow control
  • Excellent flow control guaranteed by finely engineered three port junction & plug
Electric Flow Control Valve Img

Electric Flow Control Valve

  • Flow control valve for applications where electric actuation is advantageous
  • Allows for remote control
  • Quality control design for large actuation forces
  • Valveforce have expertise in supplying electric control valves to the NHS & HVAC industry
Pneumatic Flow Control Valves For High Pressure Applications Img

Pneumatic Flow Control Valves For High Pressure Applications

  • Resilient flow control valve construction for severe service applications
  • Maximum pressures of 80 bar with permissible pressure drops of up to 30 bar
  • Applications include turbine bypass, let down & de-superheating stations
  • Integral pilot valve counteracts excessive back pressure
  • Double & triple cage options allow for maximum protection against cavitation
Pneumatic Flow Control Valves For High Pressure Applications Img 10

Pneumatic Flow Control Valves For High Pressure Applications

  • Special design to handle a wide range of fluids such as water, thermal oil, steam, nitrogen & natural gases
  • Optimised modular construction for repair and application requirements
  • Large range of actuation forces available to meet most services

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