Desuperheater Control Valves

What is Desuperheating and Steam Conditioning?

DesuperheaterA desuperheater injects a precise and pre-set amount of water into a steam flow in order to lower the temperature of super heated steam. It can successfully provide heat transfer or for other industrial use to ensure costly problems are avoided such as lengthy start and shutdown times. To achieve this competently, the desuperheater must be designed correctly for the application. Even though the design of the desuperheater is simple, it needs to work with a large variety of complex thermal and flow dynamic variables to be effective.

Steam conditioning valves regulate the pressure and temperature of steam by combining both functions within a control unit. These valves tackle the need for improved control of steam conditions caused by rising energy costs and increased demand on plant operation. Steam conditioning valves provide enhanced temperature control, improved noise reduction and require fewer piping and installation restrictions than the comparable desuperheater.

Desuperheater Stations

Power stations rely on superheated steam to drive turbines efficiently where the dryness of the steam are an advantage. For processes that rely on steam after the turbines in the plant, saturated steam becomes more advantageous because many processes rely on the large energy transfer that occurs by causing the steam to condense. Heat exchangers cannot take full advantage of this energy released until the steam passing through them is brought down to saturated temperatures where the transition can more easily occur. To remove the heat from superheated steam desuperheaters, Valveforce uses direct contact valves which rely on water droplets being sprayed into the steam flow stream.

Desuperheater Control Valves

  • Solid valve plug sits within caged cylinder with nozzles
  • Downstream temperature sensor determines how much the plug uncovers the nozzles
  • Relies on atomization of water through cylinder nozzles
  • Modulates water flow into steam flow
  • Reliable mixing of steam and water
  • Vortex nozzles reduce risk of water accumulation in the steam

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