Contract Servicing

Servicing is forward-thinking in the prevention of equipment failure. Having an annual or bi-annual contract will help in the defence against system failure, preserving the life expectancy of water pumps and pressurised equipment.

Contract Servicing

Pumpforce can offer service contracts to suit your requirements, with detailed service reports giving you the in-depth knowledge needed to maintain a healthy system.

For further information call Pumpforce on 0121 711 1908 to talk to one of our specialists who will be happy to advise.

Pressurisation Unit Servicing Bi-Annual / Quarterly Visit Annual Visit
Isolate pressure unit and expansion vessel from system
Test unit pumps for leaks and bearing fatigue, free impeller assembly if seized
Test high and low alarms to BMS systems
Inspect controllers for integrity and good electrical connection
View fault log, investigate if needed. Reset all service counters
Test solenoid valves opening and closing (where applicable)
Test ball cock assembly and inspect condition of break tank water, clean if needed
Inspect and clean any PRV’s coming off pressure unit. Re-calibrate after cleaning
Drain associated expansion vessels and inspect air cushion
Recharge vessel air cushion back to correct working pressure if needed
Re-test unit after serving leave open up to system
Booster Sets Servicing Bi-Annual / Quarterly Visit Annual Visit
Individually inspect each pump for mechanical seal leakage and lime scale build up
Note orientation of selected circulator pumps. Advise if incorrect
Note any imbalance or acoustic noise with motors and pumps for fatigue and worn parts
Visually inspect electrical wiring to inverter (where applicable)
Inspect inverter programs, adjust if needed (where applicable)
Inspect and test NRV’S. Essential for correct operation
View alarm log and investigate (reset where applicable)
Test each pump max head at closed valve against pump data design pressure
Test pressure transducer settings against system gauges (modify if needed via controller)
Test set, wake up sleep threshold along with run on timers (pumps start and stop feature)
Test low suction sensors, making sure dry running protection is working correctly and enabled
Test break tank floats, low and high (where applicable)
Isolate accumulators and drain water off
Inspect air pressure in accumulators and re-charge to suit correct booster working pressure (SP)
Re-test booster after servicing, leaving set in to optimum condition open system in auto
Heating Pumps, Shunt Pumps and Chilled Pumps Bi-Annual / Quarterley Visit Annual Visit
Inspect correct installation and rotation of pumps
Test correct installation and rotation
Visually inspect electrical wiring and connection to motor and inverter
Inspect programs and settings, adjust to suit required value of system (where applicable)
Visual inspection of mechanical seal for water leakage and limescale build up
Note any imbalance or acoustics with motor and pump for fatigue and worn parts
Grease bearings via nipples, and update programme (selected models only)
All pumps to be left in optimum condition open system in auto


Pumpforce engineers can carry integrated application of programming for pressurisation units, pumps and cold-water booster set to optimum performance, giving the end-user peace of mind knowing that the equipment is running at its full potential and condition, increasing the life expectancy of equipment which in turn will help prevent faults keeping maintenance and energy cost down, eliminating costly down time of plant equipment.

Expansion Vessels and Accumulators

Pumpforce recognises the importance of expansion vessels and accumulators which play a vital role in the smooth operation of systems and products taking up system pressures, allowing the system to breathe. That is why Pumpforce engineers will service, set up and commission essential correct working pressure.


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