Supporting the NHS

At The Force Group we are a dedicated multi-disciplinary team with product specialists you can count upon in supporting the NHS. We are committed to providing the NHS with a comprehensive range of products and supporting services, specifically focused to the Hospital industry. This is backed up by outstanding technical service, a problem-solving approach and overall…

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Controlsforce remains open for business

The Force Group (Valveforce, Controlsforce, Heatxforce) remains open for business to provide our usual service to the UK’s essential operating services (Hospitals & Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Energy). Following the Government announcement of a country-wide lock down, we remain closely aligned to the Government instructions for UK businesses at this time. Where possible, our employees…

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Controlsforce are here to help

We're here to help

Whilst we have social distancing and therefore limited access to sites, we are still being asked to help our customers out. What could be a great idea is if you have video camera on your phone and access to Skype or WhatsApp, you can show us the problems you are experiencing onsite. We can discuss…

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The importance of energy efficient control panels

In this current climate, control panel designers have to factor in the use of energy efficient components. In addition to the environmental benefits, the savings that can be made from energy efficient control panel design, such as employing lower heat generating components are extremely beneficial to a business. Power consumption Tackling the challenge of power…

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Should I Repair or Replace a Control Panel?

Control Panel

Should I Repair or Replace a Control Panel? A control panel is an essential element in the efficient operation of an industrial workplace. Interruptions can severely affect the productivity of a plant floor; costing time and money for a business. When a Control Panel fails it is common for customers to get in touch with…

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What makes a good control panel?

Control Panel component formation

At Controlsforce we believe a well designed control panel is highlighted by its neatness. The aesthetic quality of a control panel is very important, as often a product is judged by how it looks as well as how it works. If you were buying a new car for example, no matter how well the car…

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Control Panel Design Starts With A Company You Can Trust

Looking for a control panel design service? We have been designing and building control panels for over 30 years. This gives Controlsforce invaluable experience in manufacturing control panels and systems to suit your project. From concept to completion, we can help every step of the way.  As control panel manufacturers we are up to date…

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Reasons to use Controlsforce

It is always best to research a company when looking for new products or services. We have put together a list of 5 reasons to use Controlsforce below: 1. Experts in our field: Here at Controlsforce, we are specialist control panel designers and control panel builders. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled, experienced…

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