Customers’ requirements are continually changing. To keep apace, the Valveforce Group is constantly evolving as we align our business to the needs of our customers, the integration of specialist IES-Control Ltd is testament to that!

Building on years of industrial electronic engineering experience, our customers’ view IES-Control Ltd as a valued partner when it comes to providing high quality industrial control systems at competitive prices. We understand what really matters, and have the ability to react and respond to your demanding application needs. We work to a high standard to design, build and develop systems to a very exacting specification.

We specialise in building all types of electrical control panels, from small bench top controllers to large plant control panels and systems for applications across a broad spectrum of industries. We have amassed years of automation programming experience with many different brands of PLC and HMIs. This level of knowledge within our business will ensure that your applications and needs are understood clearly and our dedicated team of time-served electrical and electronic engineers are able to build to the most exacting of requirements.

We help and support industry by advising and offering complete solutions. We will visit your site and work together to assess and fully understand your applications and your needs. We work with many OEMs and are happy to offer on-going technical support for all our products. IES-Control Ltd is part of the Valveforce Group and can therefore offer integrated turnkey solutions across a diverse range of industries for all your system needs.

The Valveforce vision is to be the number one partner of choice for your industrial and process control requirements. We want our customers to see Valveforce as a specialist extension of their team. The recent acquisition of the Industrial Instrumentation experts, IES-Control Ltd, is an example of this philosophy. Across the Valveforce Group, we have the manpower and expertise to help you improve, monitor, control and maintain your plant and processes.

For every stage in your project, you can rely on the Valveforce Group. With the very best level of service, independent expert technical advice and the benefit of a multi-disciplinary team, we guarantee the performance of your plant. We believe we can achieve this only by investing in our biggest asset – our workforce. That is why the Valveforce Group is committed to training and developing its team, ensuring everyone achieves their goals and aspirations. Working on product and application knowledge, workmanship standards, exceptional levels of service and strong relationships with our customers, ensure that you receive the very best level of service throughout every stage of our partnership.

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